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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Most of our clients are still out of the country when we perform the completion of the furnishings. In most cases we will require a contact name and authorization to enter the home. Once the set-up is complete we will send you photos of your new furnishings in your home.
No. Our company acts as an agent for all the suppliers that we represent.

When you go to one store you are going to have their selection only, you have to locate and get to the store and in most cases you
need to speak the local language and then facilitate the transportation yourself. With the limited quantities of inventories that
retailers keep on hand in Costa Rica, in most situations you would end up having to go to multiple suppliers to complete your
furnishings requirements. Pacific Home Furnishing has brought all those suppliers together under one product catalogue offer
which will save you time and money combined with a professional service..

Yes. We have a delivery fee that includes the packaging, transportation, unpacking and set-up of all your furniture. The fee depends on the area in Costa Rica.
Absolutely. We will immediately notify the supplier or manufacturer about the defect and help you follow up on the process.
Yes. Most of our furniture carry a one-year warranty for manufacturing defects.
No. We have a catalogue office where our clients can come and sit down with our staff and browse furniture options, see some fabric swatches and other details. But most of our clients buy through our online catalogue and with our constant contact with them they feel reassured that their order will be exactly what they anticipated.

Simply browse our product catalogue or furniture packages , send us your inquiries and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you would like to be contacted by telephone, please advise us and send us your phone number and we will contact you immediately.