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High quality aluminum outdoor furniture Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known to have one of the most important exporting companies in the outdoor furniture world: Castelle Outdoor Brand.

Castelle is the brand that best represents design and quality.  If you are looking for long lasting Outdoor Dining , Casual Seating, Lounging,  Castelle is the Brand by Excellence.  The Company manufactures in a 300,000 square foot state of the art facility in Costa Rica. All of the furniture is constructed of rust free, lightweight, durable aircraft grade, quality aluminum.

Castelle  maintains proprietary extrusion design, incorporating interior internal wall structure for additional support. All welded points and connections are done with full circumference welding, meaning 360 degrees, eliminating gaps and stress points. By this fashion of welding, we prevent moisture from entering the frame structure. All welded areas are then hand ground, buffed and polished giving the Pride product its seamless handcrafted appearance.  

High quality aluminum outdoor furniture Costa Rica

Pride furniture finishes are the benchmark of the casual outdoor furniture industry! All finish materials are laboratory tested and compounded in the U.S.A. Our advanced finishing system produces the finest powder coated weather resistant product available today. Our finishes withstand scratching, peeling and oxidation. Each individual finish selection has built in ultraviolet inhibitors to retard fading and discoloration from exposure to the elements. We take great pride in our numerous offerings of artisan applied faux and fantasy paint finishes. Each finish is hand applied by our skilled craftspeople for that old world authentic result. To complete the process, a clear matte powder coat is applied to insure years of beauty and durability.

Guarantee your investment with a long lasting Warranty Title. 

The original purchaser is warranted that construction of this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase (invoice date), under normal residential use as follows: 15 YEAR FRAME warranty covers structural failure (broken frame or welds) when properly maintained. Improper assembly or exposure to sub-freezing temperatures is not covered. To avoid accumulation of moisture inside the frames, product must be stored in an upright position. 5 YEAR FRAME FINISH warranty covers against peeling and blistering under normal use and proper maintenance. 2 YEAR FABRIC, CUSHION, SLING & UMBRELLA warranty covers manufacturing defects in assembly. This warranty does not cover fading / discoloration due to extensive exposure to the elements. All claims related to fabrics, do not include discoloration due to bums, pet damage, chemical spills, stains, nor does it include cuts in material. We advise the purchaser that softening of cushions, which is the result of normal use, should not be confused with loss of resiliency due to defects in construction of materials. This warranty does not cover the following: Cracking or shattering of glass tops; Damage to product due to acts of nature, misuse or abuse; Commercial, contract, rental, institutional or other nonresidential use.


Pride Family Brands produces Luxurious Handcrafted aluminum casual furniture that is designed to require minimum care. Regular maintenance of the furniture will extend its life and will keep it looking beautiful. The frames are finished using a high quality paint. Regular cleaning with a mild soap and water solution is recommended. The preferred soap would be an automotive type wash that is safe for use on clear coat finishes. Inspect the frame bi-annually for any scratches or chips. To prevent further damage, use a touch up paint that is available to match all frame colors through your local retail dealer. Frames should be waxed on a bi-annual basis to insure protection from the elements. For application methods, see manufacturer’s instructions. Frames should not be used in standing water or left submerged in water for any reason. Frames should be stored in an upright position to allow moisture to drain eliminating cracking from frozen stored water. Furniture can be covered using a quality cover that “breathes” or allows air to circulate over the frame. The frames feature a nylon glide at the bottom of all legs that is designed to protect the frame and the resting surface. The glides, available from your local dealer, should be inspected bi-annually and replaced if needed.